Study of diagnostic and prognostic parameters in Breast cancer patients without metastasis

Aqsa Neelam, Ahmad Ali, Rabail Alam, Ghulam Mujtaba, Imran Riaz Malik


Background: Carcinoma of the breast is the most prevalent cause of mortality from cancer in women aged 40-69 years. The aim of the present study was to examine any alteration in the status of lactate dehydrogenase, ferritin, gamma glutamyl transferase, Platelets, hemoglobin, alkaline phosphatase, aspartate transaminase, alanine transferase and bilirubin in the plasma of breast cancer patients without distant metastasis, to establish their diagnostic and prognostic values.

Methods: Current reading describes a study conducted on 50 breast cancer patients from Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (Lahore). The patients were clinically categorized as stage II (19 patients) and stage III (29 patients) respectively. Most of the patients were diseased with infiltrative ductal carcinoma (48) of the breast. Blood samples of all patients were collected after forty days of chemotherapy course besides 10 healthy subjects.

Results: There was a significant rise in LDH (221.48 ± 18.44) and Ferritin (356.46 ± 12.28) levels as compared to control groups. Concentration of GGT (34.12 ± 1.61) was also elevated but not significantly raised. There was no significant rise in ALP (279.27 ± 26.60), AST (49.44 ± 8.510), ALT (33.40 ± 2.83), bilirubin (4.87 ± 3.96), Hb (11.16 ± .299) and platelets (032.54 ± 21.68) levels in comparison to normal control subjects. An elevation of LDH and ferritin levels in cases of carcinoma breast signifies its importance as a biomarker of disease. A serial measurement of these enzymes would have diagnostic and prognostic significance and help treatment decisions.

Conclusion: The ferritin along with lactate dehydrogenase can be used as a valuable biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Keywords: Breast cancer; Prognostic parameters; Treatment; Metastasis

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