The Effect of Drought Stress on the Superoxide Dismutase and Chlorophyll Content in Durum Wheat Genotypes

Majid Khayatnezhad, Roza Gholamin


Background: Drought stress is one of the most limiting factors of plant production around the world. So, finding a way for increasing genotypes resistance is so important. Free radicles and other dynamic subordinates of oxygen inactivate chemicals and significant plant cell parts. Superoxide dismutases (SODs) have been distinguished as essential parts in a creature's guard system.

Methods: This examination was carried out to examine the SOD movement in 8 durum wheat genotypes from Iran and Azerbaijan under two different conditions in 2015-2016 cropping year. The impact of dry season weight on SOD, chlorophyll content list (CCI), and chlorophyll debasement were examined. Critical contrasts among genotypes and the genotype × climate collaboration among SOD and CCI content were distinguished.

Results: The mean examination indicated that the substance of SOD and CCI diminished in susceptible genotypes, while tolerant genotypes SOD and CCI stayed unaltered or increased. For measuring drought tolerance, the stress tolerance index (STI) used. The correlation between STI for Chlorophyll and Chlorophyll CI in drought was significant at 0.01 levels. The pressure resilience list (STI) for SOD and CCI characterized safe and defenseless genotypes into unmistakable gatherings.

Conclusion: Hence, these 2 characters can be utilized as a Selection index for screening dry spell safe plant materials.

Keywords: Durum wheat, Drought stress, SOD, STI

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