An assessment of social, economic and managemental factors affecting average production per week in commercial layers at district Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, Pakistan

Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Khalid Bashir, Sayeda Mariam, Madiha Tabassum, Muhammad Qamar Bilal, Muhammad Iqbal Mustafa, Shahid Ur-Rehman


Background: The research was conducted to identify social, economic and management factors that may affect the total egg production in terms of total number of weak for average peak production in layers at district Toba Tek Singh.

Methods: Sampling method was based on primary data collected through survey. Twenty-five layer farms were selected randomly with three different types of production systems (viz., open sided litter floor system, Semi controlled cage system and semi controlled litter floor system). Farmers were visited personally and interviewed. The data were analyzed by MINITAB-17 using multiple regression analysis.

Results: Result showed that 12% of the respondents are under the age of 25 years, 80% fall between the age of 25-50 years, 8% fall more than the age of 50 and above. Study showed that more than 50% farmers are having qualification above secondary level i.e., 48 % are within the range of higher secondary and graduation, while 4% are specialized in animal production and health (veterinarian). Majority of the farmers had a farm size less than a capacity of 25000 birds, while only 16% farmers had a farm size with a capacity of above 50000 birds. The House type, Birds at first lay, Age at data recording, Age at first egg and Feed cost were significant (P≤0.01). However, demographic variables were non-significant at all levels of probability. The results showed that the economic and management factors of farmers have significant effect on average peak production of layers kept by them.

Conclusion: The importance of the economic and management factors, concluded significant influence made by the social, economic and management factors on poultry egg production.

Keywords: Social; Economic; Management; Peak production; Layers

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