Seroprevalence and Risk factor of Brucella Abortus in Cattle (Indigenous and crossbred) in District Layyah

Muhammad Ikram, Asghar Hussain, Muhammad Kashif, Muhammad Tarique Tunio, Usman Waheed, Asghar Abbas, Asghar Abbas, Tanveer Ahmad, Atif Rahman


Background: Brucellosis is very important infectious, zoonotic disease all over the world affecting variety species, causing severe economic losses in animals and severe illness in human beings. This study was planned to find the seroprevalence and associated risk factors with Brucella Abortus in indigenous and crossbreed cattle of District Layyah.

Methods: The blood sample were collected from 350 blood animals and screened by Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT) using anti-Brucella antibodies. The seropositive samples were confirmed through indirect ELISA tests. The information on risk factors associated with brucellosis were collected on pre-designed questionnaires.

Results: The result of the present study showed the overall prevalence of 6.97% in cattle in district Layyah. It was more prevalent in the age group of 2-5 years (14.6%) as compared to that of the age group 5-10 years (6.25%). The prevalence was significantly higher in the cattle with history of abortion (52.38%) as compared to the non-aborted cattle (3%). The crossbreed animals were found to be more affected than indigenous animals.

Conclusion: There is a dire need to eliminate the seropositive animals by application of proper control programme and eradicate this zoonotic disease in developing countries especially in Pakistan.

Keywords: Brucellosis; Cattle; Seroprevalence; Layyah 

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