Impact of Moringa oleifera Leaf and Flaxseed on Lipid Oxidation and Microbiological Characteristics of Chicken Burger During Cold Storage

Nahid Abdelraheem Ali, Bothaina, S. Abd El Hakeem, Saeed S.A.M., Salwa. E. Ibrahim, Sarah Mesfer Alamri, Abdel Moneim Elhadi Sulieman


Background: Practice of making burgers out of chicken instead of red meat is gaining popularity. because of their high fat substance and on account of no social or strict limitations to the utilization of poultry. The present study aimed to assess effect of adding Moringa oleifera leaf and flaxseed combinations on lipid oxidation and microbiological traits of chicken burger during cold storage.

Methods: In this study the pH, peroxide value, thiobarbituric acid (TBA) as well as microbiological characteristics of chicken burger formulated by various levels of Moringa oleifera leaf and flaxseed powder were evaluated. Samples were as follows: control=0%FS+0%MLP; T1=20%FS+0%MLP; T2=15%FS+5%MLP; T3=10%FS+10%MLP; T4=5%FS+15%MLP; andT5=0%FS+20%MLP.

Results: The results showed that the pH value of burger samples supplemented with Moringa oleifera and flaxseed was decreased (P≤0.05) with an increasing period of storage and ranged between 3.5–5.1 and 3.3-4.9 when stored for 15 and 30 days, respectively.

Conclusion: Peroxide values of T2, T3, T4 and T5 as well as the value of TBA within the MLP-treated and FS-treated samples (P 0.05) decreased with the progression of the storage period. Microbiological characteristics (P 0.05) were affected by the incorporation of MLP and FS in chicken burger treatments.

Keywords: Burger; T.B.A.; Peroxide value; Contamination; Coliform bacteria;  E.coli; Moringa oleifera; Flaxseed    

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