Marine Life & Fish Management an Effective Tool of Blue Economy of Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Sajid Mehmood Shahzad


Currently, all fishery-related operations in Pakistan are handled by four major fish harbors: Karachi Fish Harbor, Korangi Fish Harbor, Pasni Fish Harbor, and Gwadar Fish Harbor. Pakistan's fishing communities are not only home to generations of people who have relied on the industry to make a living, but also to a wealth of natural beauty. However, with a growing population comes a rise in demand, and as supplies dwindle, so does the world's ability to feed its people. It's a similar story in marine fisheries, where declining interest from local and foreign corporations and the use of antiquated methods of fishing have made it difficult for fishermen to earn a livable wage.                          

Keywords: Fish harbor; Pasni; Gwadar; Korangi; Karachi; Fishery

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