Characteristics of Patients with Breast Cancer Attending the Breast Cancer Center in Sudan

Mohamed Osman Elamin Bushara


Background: Breast cancer is one of major health problems worldwide with increasing prevalence and accounts for comprising 16 percent of all female cancers. Objective of this study is investigated about the characteristics of patients with breast cancer attending the breast cancer center in Sudan to understand reasons for late diagnosis.

Methods: Cross sectional descriptive study conducted; 200 women attending at the oncology center of the capital city participated.

Results: Breast cancer was more prevalent among the age group of (31-40) with percentage of (39%), the reproductive characteristics of them indicated that (30%) did not have children, while 29% had more than two children, (46.5%) had menarche at age of (<11 year), (67.5%) were at Pre-menopause status, while (32.5%) were at post-menopause (48%)  of earned income  between (0-1000SDG) per month, reflecting the low-socio-economic status of them, as they did not have enough income for proper diagnosis  and  treatment, while the service is not free, concerning body weight, (31%) was overweight (25 -29.9 Kg/ m²), while (4.5%) of them had morbid obesity(≥ 40 Kg/m²).The results also showed that(71%) took vitamin as a supplement.

Conclusion: The study concluded that the cost of service and lack of awareness hindered early detection among low socio-economic status patients.          

Keywords: Prevalence; Risk factors; Breast cancer      

Recommendations: early detection of the breast cancer must be provided for free at all hospitals and oncology centers because this is helping to diagnose breast cancer in its early stages and assist in discovering hidden cases in the country, health education programs should be conducted to improve  awareness towards  importance of early detection.

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