Impact of egg size on the quality of eggs, chicks, and post hatch overview of offspring during the mid stage of yield (45th week) in Hubbard broiler breeders

Javid Iqbal, Sohail Hassan Khan, Nasir Mukhtar, Tanveer Ahmad


Background: Egg size is the most significant component in influencing the performance of the laying flock. Though commercial broiler farming is in operation, little is known about how breeder hatching egg size at mid (45 week) stage of production period affects on egg quality, chick quality and post-hatch Hubbard broiler performance.

Methods: At the age of 45 weeks, hatching eggs (n=930) from a commercial broiler breeder flock were collected and classified into three egg weight categories: small (60.25±0.25g), medium (65.10 ± 0.31g), and large (70.07 ± 0.61g). These eggs more classified into 2 categories, eggs for quality parameters and eggs for incubation & posthatch performance parameters.

Results: Eggs from the small egg group had a higher shell weight percentage. The shape index and specific gravity were impacted by egg size, with larger eggs having lower values. Both male and female chicks' weight and length were significantly influenced by egg size. Data of the body weight gain indicated that as broilers age, the influence of egg size on post-hatch performance of chicks’ decreases. Up until age 21, female chicks' body weight gain was highly influenced by egg size. The feed conversion ratio of female chicks at day 21 of life was considerably impacted by various egg-weight categories, while it had no effect on male and female chicks at day 35.

Conclusion: Egg size favourably influenced the features of the chicks (weight and length) but had no impact on the broilers' final live body weight, feed conversion ratio, feed consumption, or mortality.

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