An Investigation into the Evaluation of the Satisfaction with Prenatal Care Services among Pregnant Women Attending Healthcare Centers during Pregnancy in the Capital of Lorestan Province, Iran

Khatereh Anbari, Amir Hossein Yousefvand, Pardis Qanadi, Firouz Amraie


Background: Pregnancy period is one of the most important periods for mother and infant, and the maternal and fetal health during this period is of paramount importance. This study aimed to evaluate the satisfaction with prenatal (also known as antenatal) care services among pregnant women attending healthcare centers in the capital of Lorestan province (Khorramabad, west Iran).

Methods: This cross-sectional (descriptive-analytical) study evaluated the satisfaction with benefitting from prenatal care services among pregnant women in the last months of pregnancy. The research sample was selected using a multistage sampling method involving a combination of stratified, cluster, and random sampling. The required data were gathered using a three-part questionnaire, including information regarding demographic survey questions, information about the extent to which pregnant women in Khorramabad benefit from prenatal care services, and the degree of pregnant women's satisfaction with prenatal care. Independent t-test and one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) were used to analyze the data.

Results: According to the obtained results, the mean score of benefiting from and satisfaction with prenatal care services was high. The difference in the score of benefitting from services was statistically significant in terms of type of pregnancy and a history of stillbirth (p <0.05). The number of children, occupation, and type of pregnancy were statistically significant, and these factors produced the mean satisfaction score (p <0.05).

Conclusion: To increase the rate of benefiting from and satisfaction with prenatal care services among pregnant women, the health authorities of the region should take effective practical and educational measures to improve the quality-of-care delivery, train health service providers, and complete and equip prenatal centers.

Keywords: Satisfaction; Care; Pregnant women; Healthcare centers  

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