Variation Analysis of Acanthopagrus latus found in the costal belt of Lasbella by using Mitochondrial DNA, D- Loop region

Shazia Rahim, Khalil Hasni, Abdul Hameed Baloch, Ahmed Nawaz, Chandni Wajid, Sonia Tariq, Muhammad Sharif Hasni, Muhammad Jan


Background: Fish is a major source of food and plays major role in the blue economy of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The Yellow fin Sea Bream (A. latus) is found in coastal belts and locally known as “Dhandya”. Variation analysis between fish species were studied, using mitochondrial DNA. To understand genetic diversity of fish, mitochondrial DNA D-loop provides a good source of information for the management as well as the selective breeding of the sea fauna.

Methods: The current study was focus on variation analysis, phenotypic and genetic variation in A. latus fish found in different region of coastal belt of Baluchistan. A total of forty-five fish  A. latus from three different areas of Baluchistan (Gaddani, Dam, and Kund Malir) were collected aseptically. The Phenotypic study was done on the bases of their body shape, body color and color of the fins. Four different kinds of A. latus  were observed and named  as type  A, B, C and D. The genetic characteristics were studied by observing the mitochondrial DNA D-loop region.

Results: For Mitochondrial DNA analysis, the blood samples were collected from the selected samples and processed for DNA extraction. Primer was designed and PCR was performed. PCR products were sequenced and analyzed for observing genetic variation in mitochondrial DNA of A. latus.

Conclusion: The analysis revealed three genetic variations; two heterozygous variations at 32 and 172 nucleotide positions (Adenine substituted by Thymine and Thymine substituted by Guanine) and one homozygous variation at 72 nucleotide position (an insertion of a Thymine).

Keywords: Acanthopagrus latus; Mitochondrial DNA; Fish; Polymerase Chain Reaction    

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